Up-sell Girl: waitressing gone wrong

These days, restaurant staff members are always trying to up-sell or cross-sell. Slightly irritating – if I wanted a salad with my steak, I’d have asked for it – but I understand they’re just doing their job.

However, on Saturday, a waitress in Lussmanns (St Albans) went too far. I ordered a burger and chips, and she asked if I’d like some onion rings. Fair enough, I thought. “No thank you”, I politely replied. Then she said: “Would you like some nice…..cabbage?”

Ah yes, cabbage. That classic burger accompaniment. What was I thinking, leaving off the cabbage?

Then there was the meal I had a few weeks ago in the Covent Garden branch of The Real Greek, where the waitress kept going on and on about the DELICIOUS lamb special, and how ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS it was and how my friend and I had to order it. We didn’t. At the end of the meal, she told us how there were several lamb specials left that hadn’t sold, and what a shame it was because they were so tasty, and how we must order it next time, because it is SO DELICIOUS. I asked her if she’d be taking the leftover lamb home, since she was such a fan. “I don’t eat lamb”, she said.